So, my LIW on P2 was 190. I’ve bounced around between that and 193 for the last 3 weeks, never going over 193. I did one steak day to get below 193, and seem to have stabilized now at between 190 and 192. Within the 4 lb window (2 above or 2 below LIW), so I’m happy. I would have liked to release more than the 20 lbs I did during P2, but that is the price of my learning, I think. I messed with the food, had a couple cheats (Super Bowl Sunday and 4 bacon wrapped scallops that called my name, LOL), and on some days exceeded the 500 calories. I’m living testament to the fact that Dr. S had it together, and knew what he was talking about. Don’t Mess With the System, It Works!

After this week, I’m ‘officially’ in P4, and will stay there until after I have the Mazer Cup International Mead Competitions on April 17-19, and then will start to load the weekend of my birthday, April 24. I’ll enter my 47th year in my second round of hCG, and with luck will get to 50 lbs lost by the time I take my daughter to Virginia Beach for her birthday in July!!