OK, so I was adding studies and information about hCG and its use in weight loss that have occured over the years to the site here: http://www.hcgloss.com/hcg-studies.html

Anyhow, one of the things I discovered was a letter to the editor of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that the Good Doctor sent in response to the Asher and Harper study that ‘proved’ that hCG has no effect on the ability to lose weight.

Here is and excerpt from that letter Dr. Simeons sent. It gives us a bit more data with which to evaluate his original study, I think…..

“For the purposes of comparing these figures with our own results, we picked from a card index in which all patients treated for obesity are arranged alphabetically by surnames, the first 500 consecutive cases in which there was at least twenty days of treatment. On analyzing the case sheets we found that the group was composed of 122 males and 378 females who ranged in age from eleven to seventy-eight years. The mean age was forty-one years. The degree of overweight above statistical norms ranged from 4.5 to 234 pounds. The mean overweight was 42 pounds. On the twentieth day of treatment the loss of weight ranged from 2.3 to 35 pounds and the mean loss was 16.94 pounds. Only seven patients lost less than 10 pounds (1.4 percent) and only fifteen (3 percent) lost more than 25 pounds, showing that the remaining 478 patients (95.6 percent) clustered very closely around the mean loss of 16.94 pounds in twenty days.”

Interesting to note:

– ages of patients ranging from 11-78, with an average of 41
– overweight from 4.5-234 pounds, with an average of 42 pounds overweight
– weight loss after 20 days ranged from 2.3-35 lbs, with an average of 16.94 lbs in 20 days, and 95% of the patients in the 500 patient sample lost very close to this.

I’m *loving* finding all this data. Also, for those of you doing sublingual, check a look at Dr. Belluscio’s study, which I published here with permission of his staff. They did a double-blind study on the administration and effects of hCG when administered sublingually….