Here I am at the end of Round 2, Phase 2, and starting the Evil 72. That is the 72 hours after your last injection/dose, where you maintain the low calorie diet before switching to Phase 3 eating. I get BACON on Friday, barring the untimely arrival of the TOM. If that happens, I’ll resume my shots until it is over, and do the last injection-evil 72 over again.

Ending on the ‘time of the month’ is usually disasterous. The Good Dr. says to never start or finish at those times, as it can endanger your reset.  Mine is more or less due, but no signs of it yet…..maybe I lucked out!

So, I ended at 170.2. Down 25.3 from my load weight, 20.2 from the Round 1 last injection weight. Not huge, but damned respectable! So far, I’m down 41.2 lbs from my original weight of 211.4 in January. I’m pretty happy with that!

I’m prepped for food, plan to make a couple batches of oopsies for buns and munching. I bought bacon and eggs, got heavy cream for my tea, and have ordered 6 loaves of Julian low-carb bread. I’ll be adding that *very* cautiously, but have hopes that I can use it in P3. Some can, some can’t so be careful about using it if you get some.

I have to wait 8 weeks between rounds this time, per the protocol, and will start Round 3 on August 1. I will do a short round then, because I want to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for Labor Day Weekend, and will be stopping 3 days before it to do the evil 72 and be in P3 for it.