It has been pointed out to me by a friend on one of the Yahoo boards that even a sprouted bread like Julian or Ezekiel bread still has starches. She is right (thanks, Judith!). So let me make this statement: Phase 3, or maintenance as Dr. S named it, is supposed to be 3 weeks of no sugar or starches. So bread, even these breads, are probably not in your best interest, especially if you’re on round 1 and still ‘learning the ropes’ of this protocol.

I have found that I can occasionally eat it without ill effect, but let me stress that this is NOT true for everyone, and you should avoid it until you’ve learned your body’s responses to various foods well enough that you’re able to deal with it.

Phase 3 is only 21 days. You just survived 23 or 43 days on the VCLD. So save that bread until P4. Eat it then (but in moderation, watching to make sure it doesn’t make you gain). It will be that much better for the anticipation.