OK, I’m now in P4. I started adding back food, starting with Julian bread and more fruit. That worked ok. Stayed well within my 2 lb limit. Then, vacation happened. Well, actually volunteering. See, I’m a living history actor for the Guilde of St. Andrew, and several times a year we go to Manteo, NC to do demonstrations of Elizabethan-era activities at the Roanoke Island Festival Park. I do brewing demos. I made lemon cordial, and homemade ginger ale, while letting people smell and see my meads, wines and cordials that I’d made here at home and had on display. It was great, but made eating right sort of hard. I took packages of meat with me, as well as cheese, to eat while I worked, then cooked P3/P4 meals in my RV when not working.

I caved and had some mead, but not much (couple glasses), and one night when we’d worked really late, didn’t have the energy to cook (standing in 90+ degree heat in wool dresses takes a lot out of you!!), we drove up and down the beach, looking for a seafood place. They all were closed. Starving, we finally caved and got Taco Bell. I ate 2 crunchwraps.

BIG MISTAKE. I haven’t had junk food for months. The next day, my belly *hated* me!! I had cramps, and the runs, and generally felt nasty for having eaten that. NEVER AGAIN!!

Wednesday, we went to see the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Great flick!! I caved again, ate popcorn. Not all of it, but enough. My tummy was ok, but oh boy, did I feel guilty!!

On Thursday I ate spaghetti, but kept the noodles to a minimum and loaded up on sauce and meatballs. And ate a piece of focaccia bread. Guilt, guilt, guilt.

I weighed myself when I got home. Now, I’d been standing in heavy clothes, in the hot sun, and not drinking enought water for 6 days. I was up 6 lbs over LIW. I tanked water the first day back, and dropped 3 of that overnight. Then, feeling good, I had a sushi orgy. Back up to 5 lbs over LIW. Today I’m 4 lbs over, and gonna do a steak day to get back down.

I start Round 3 on August 9, my 23rd wedding anniversary, and have my gorge all planned out, LOL. Bread pudding and shrimp and grits, here I come!!

Meanwhile, my daughter did a 23 day round. She wanted to lose 25 lbs, but being built like me (and apparently also functioning like me), she lost 15. She didn’t cheat a SINGLE TIME!! I was so proud!! She is squeamish about needles, so I injected her sub-q for the first 2 weeks. Then, she decided it wasn’t so bad, and finished up the round doing her own shots. Good for her!! She’s maintaining well, and will go into P4 in another 2 weeks. She’s thinking about another round to get the last 10 off. What a great way to start her last year of high school, at her goal weight!!