Before starting the hCG protocol - January 2009. Weight: 211 lbs. Stats: Neck: 15in, Bicep: 14.5in, Forearm: 11in, Chest: 42.5in, Waist: 36in, Hips: 45in, Thigh: 29in, Calf: 16.5in Clothing size: 18

Before starting the hCG protocol - January 2009. Weight: 211 lbs. Stats: Neck: 15in, Bicep: 14.5in, Forearm: 11in, Chest: 42.5in, Waist: 36in, Hips: 45in, Thigh: 29in, Calf: 16.5in Clothing size: 18

I’m 3/4 of the way through my journey to become not fat. I’ve lost 54 lbs of the 75-80 I wanted to lose, that I packed on eating bad foods, making bad choices, and generally through not caring enough to DO something about it, for nearly 30 years, and went from an 18 to a size 10. Now, I am in maintenance until after the holidays and plan to do my 4th (and hopefully last) round in January 2010. With luck and perseverance, I should be down to my goal weight by mid-February, overlapping my first round with my last, a fitting ending, I think.

I’ve come a long way from my old fat self. Along the way, I’ve finally decided to pursue a black belt in martial arts, and have taken up TaeKwonDo. To fulfill my need for a more Zen approach to life, I am also taking a class in Tai Chi. And now, a friend who is a personal trainer needs a website, so I am trading one for training. So the plan is to be a HardBody by the time the last ounce of abnormal fat falls away!

I can’t wait, since my 30th high school class reunion is coming up the summer of 2010 in northwestern Michigan, and I will be seeing all my brewing buddies at my mead competition in March in Boulder, CO.

And my daughter is graduating high school and headed to college next fall, so I’ll need all my strength!! LOL…

This journey this year has changed me body *and* mind, and has mushroomed from a quest for physical health and wellness into a total mind-and-body makeover that stretches from losing weight to quitting my profession and striking out in an entirely new direction for a job and career. Where? Don’t know yet, but the hunting will likely be interesting, and maybe even fun.

This search for personal fulfillment has changed the way I see *everything*. As I have spent the first 2/3 of this year reading thousands of emails in the groups and in my email from others trying the protocol, I am struck with a number of things I see others talking about as they embark on *their* hCG journey.

This is me after 3 rounds (no cheating with non-procotol foods)

This is me after 3 rounds (no cheating with non-procotol foods) in October, 2009. Weight: 157 lbs. Stats: Neck: 13in, Bicep: 12in, Forearm: 9.75in, Chest: 38.5in, Waist: 31.5in, Hips: 37.75in, Thigh: 22.75in, Calf: 15in Clothing size: 10 54 LBS GONE, AND 40.25 INCHES GONE FOREVER!!!

Some of these things find me gnashing my teeth in frustration, because guys, it just isn’t that hard!! I’m in serious ‘tough love’ mode here. so if you’re offended that I’m being honest, then stop reading now.

  • If you keep asking what foods on P2, read the protocol! That should be your first step, before *anything*. It tells you what to eat, in simple terms! Don’t expect others to do your research, this is *your* health. Get involved!
  • If you are not sure what to eat in P3, read the *labels* on the food, and check for information on foods that don’t have labels. If you see carbs, and subtracting the fiber give you a positive number, that is sugar and/or starch. Phase 3 is no sugar or starch. So asking if you can eat peanut butter, or hummus or drinking low fat milk (lots of sugar!) is out. Take charge of your food!! Know what you’re eating! You can read more about P3 on my P3 page.
  • If you’re crying that you’re not losing fast enough – what the heck? Have you *looked* at how much you’ve lost? Have you *measured* yourself? How much did you lose in that period *before* on other programs? Please! Get over yourself, stop freaking over this, and just stick the to protocol. It will come off when it comes off. You’ll have stalls, small gains and slow downd. That is LIFE. You didn’t get FAT in 40 days, did you expect to get thin in 40 days?
  • Wanting to know if you can eat Miracle Noodles/broccoli/insert non-protocol food here on P2? OK, the answer to that is *NO*. If it isn’t on the list, don’t freakin’ EAT it. Are you in this to lose, or are you just messing around? If you’re serious about this, then stick to the protocol, it works the way it is. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE IT if you don’t already know *for sure* that whatever won’t affect you. Because dude, I’m here to tell you that even if you lose eating Miracle Noodles, it might cause a reset problem in P3, or even mess up another round later! Unless you are at least as knowledgeable about this protocol as Dr. Simeons, non-protocol foods are a risk. Are you ready to take that risk and the consequences (possibly gaining it ALL back plus some?). Later, when you can’t stabilize because you just *had* to eat mushrooms or Miracle Noodles or whatever, you’ll be back and wondering why. And honestly, if you can’t stick to a simple (if a bit boring) protocol for 40 DAYS, how the heck do you expect to maintain your weight after this for 40 YEARS? Did you think this was magic and you could just keep eating like that? Did you think that your eating habits would stay the same? Um, no. It doesn’t work that way. There is no magic pill. Getting thin, and staying there, is HARD WORK. So if you’re serious, stop messing around and do what you need to do. You won’t be sorry you did.
  • Cheating? WHY???? Dude, if you can’t resist temptation for even a few days, you are NEVER going to get and stay thin.  Don’t whine about how you can’t stop yourself or couldn’t resist that pizza. Please. That unwillingness to just suck it up and say NO to pizza is how you got here, how you got FAT. Thin is WORK. I don’t cheat. No matter how tempting. I’ll go hungry before I eat off-protocol. Why? Because I’m damn-shootin’ gonna not EVER BE FAT AGAIN. No matter *what*. Even if it means being hungry. No pizza, wedding, family gathering or whatever is worth jeapordizing my long-term health. There will be other opportunities to eat loved foods, or have family gatherings.
  • Hungry? I see so many people saying ‘I’m so hungry! How will I ever stand that?’. OK. Have you ever gone weeks without food? Seen your belly pouch out because you haven’t eaten in so long? Wondered where your next meal was going to come from? I’ll bet not. Most US citizens haven’t a *clue* what it is to be hungry, truly hungry. Myself included (though I did end up in the hospital for starvation once). We have plenty to eat here. So much so that you, me, and most other people (over 70%) in this country are *FAT*. The protocol, done properly, will suppress your hunger. It takes a few days, sometimes a week. But it happens. Suck it up and drink more water and tea. You won’t starve to death. The hCG is pulling 2000 calories a day from your fat. And you’re not *that* hungry. Not really. That is the FAT talking. That is your pizza habit talking. That is your HABIT OF EATING talking. So suck it up. It will stop. And you will lose. But only if you DO IT.

OK. I had to rant a bit. We are a bunch of coddled people in this country, and we have *no idea* how good we have it, compared to so many others. You’re reading this because you want to lose weight. That means you have it good enough that you GOT FAT. Does that hurt? Its not meant to, and I’m not dissing on you, I’m making the point that you have it pretty good, and are so well off that you got fat (whether that happened because of food, drugs, etc., you had access to stuff that people in most places don’t), and now have to lose weight because it is affecting your health and well being, yet you gripe about being hungry, and don’t want to make the commitment needed to do this 40-day process, so that you can offload the fat.

Wake up call, folks. You got fat. You did it. Not McDonalds, not the government, not the medical community. You. And now you have the chance to fix that, to undo the damage that your body has, and to get back to a healthy weight. Are you strong enough to do it? Are you willing to jump in and do it *RIGHT*?

Only you can answer that question. But be prepared to face a lot of truths in the process. I have, and many of them are ugly truths. But I think I’ll come out of this a better person, knowing myself more completely.