Round 3 was much the same as Rounds 1 and 2, for P2. P3 was ok too….but not P4. This P4 is interesting (in the Chinese curse sense). I went into it ok, maintaining at about 1.5 lbs about LIW. But my hair was falling out, in hanks!!

Alarmed, I started on Thomasina’s suggestion of 2 L-Cysteine 500, 2 MSM 500, 2 Biotin 1500, and 2 Thymus 1000. After a couple weeks, the hair loss slowed, but didn’t stop. It was still coming out pretty heavy. Eek! Was I going to go bald? I started casting about, changing shampoos and conditioners, and worrying if there was an underlying problem, maybe my thyroid.

Meanwhile, Michele on hcgdieters mentioned again that she had found her hair loss stopped *dead* when she started taking Pro-Gest from Emerita, a yam-based natural progesterone. I’ve seen elsewhere that it also can help with nasty TOM, and I get the screamining meemie cramps every month. So I ordered some from

And so, after this arrived and I started taking it, my weight started slowly creeping up……I did a steak day, dropped 2 lbs, stabilized for a couple days, then crept back up again. Now what? What the heck? I’m eating all the same things as last round, exercising more, sure, but the eating was increased to compensate. And contrary to popular belief, muscle does *not* weigh more than fat (a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same, a pound), so it couldn’t be that, could it?

With this running through my brain on an endless loop, and the weight creeping on slowly (though my clothes still fit the same), I stopped off at Harmony Farms in Raleigh after my Tai Chi class today. My personal trainer, Fred Blango, who is beating me into shape, gave me the ‘prescription’ to meet Miss Nancy, the naturopath at Harmony Farms.

I dropped in to the shop, because I needed more hair color (my Surya henna job was faded badly after 3 months), and asked to speak to Nancy. I told her about the Pro-Gest, and  how in past times, hormone scrips had caused me to gain weight, and was the ProGest causing the problem? We discovered that I’m a ditz, I’d been dosing it once a day, and its supposed to be twice! So I’m upping that to what I should have been doing.

She also asked me about what I had been doing when I was last at this weight. It didn’t take much thought, that was my freshman year of college. I went a bit bananas then, drinking, eating junk, doing drugs, and gaining my freshman 20 (not 10 like most people). My body was riddled with junk and crap, and if I wasn’t high, I was drunk. Not a Good Thing. She pointed out that likely the adipose fat I was reaching now, was very toxic (I’ll bet it is, too!!). And that toxicity was causing my body to retain water, and to react oddly because of the releasing of the toxic nature of the fat from then. I’d never considered that!! But it makes sense. Funny how your body is like a tree, you can tell the story of your life in the ‘rings’ of fat that are exposed as you lose.

So, long story short, Miss Nancy put me on Green Food, with probiotics, and told me to increase veggies and fruits and lessen my fat intake, to allow my body to detox and cleanse itself, as well as resting it while it deals with this ‘episode’ resurfacing from my past. I also made an appointment with her to meet next week to review my current supplements and eating, for testing, and to go foward into the next 2 months of P4 before tackling Round 4.

Miss Nancy had heard of the protocol, but wasn’t familiar with it. I gave her some hCGLoss cards, and asked her to look it over, as she gets a lot of folks asking about it in her store.

I’m excited! Finally someone who listens, and can help with health issues and is willing to look outside the box most doctors live in!