Well, so far this has been the fastest round I’ve ever had. I had some setbacks over the last several months due to surgery, stress and other issues, and put back the weight from the last round (but am still down nearly 60 lbs from my original weight).

So, decided to do a 30 day round this summer, and started on the VLCD on June 20. Dropped weight like *mad* and am still losing around a pound a day. Crazy!!

What changed from other rounds where I only ever lost like this the first couple days, then settled down to .5 lbs a day or less, with lots of little stalls? Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m eating the same foods, drinking the same water, and right now, not really exercising besides some tai chi and a bit of TaeKwonDo (but done slowly), due to my arm still healing from the last surgery, and now the *other* elbow giving me trouble! Dang, falling apart at 49, LOL.

I’m not worrying about my losses, just going with it. It is what it is, I figure, and I imagine at some point will slow down. Meanwhile, I’m loving this!

Decided I was bored with my usual pan cooked chicken, fish or beef with garlic, Cookies seasoning, and a touch of onion. So, dug out Tammy’s book ‘The hCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook’, and paged through it. Settled on Spicy Mustard Chicken and Indian Spinach. Sooo good.  Spicy and tart, with a bit of a kick. A really nice change. My daughter (who is doing protocol with me) wants to try Cinnamon chicken tomorrow.

Meanwhile, she has discovered strawberry-lemonade smoothies (strawberries, juice of a lemon, handful of ice, and some stevia to taste, put together and whizzed into a sorbet in our new Vitamix 5200. Then she’s making orange sorbet with an orange, some ice and some stevia, again in the fabulous Vitamix! This thing is a blast……