injectionsSo, just a quick note. After 2 days of giving the Vitamix a workout and creating yummy soups, cooking up gobs of chicken and burgers, etc. for my daughter’s trip, she gets there, calls me, and informs me that her hCG (handily packaged in preloaded doses) is here, in the fridge. Not Good.

So, she’s doing 72 hours of VLCD with no hCG, then Tuesday morning will go to Phase 3 style eating until she gets home Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning will resume her doses and her VLCD. *That* my friends, is what is called an unplanned interruption. Not “I’m bored so I’m going to take some days off’ or ‘I need a vacation from the protocol’.

I always recommend to my coaching clients that they try to plan *not* to do the low calorie phase when they know they will have to travel, or have a wedding, vacation, etc. The reason why is that a) whenever an interruption occurs, there is always the chance that it won’t ‘stick’ when you go into maintenance and b) it is that much harder to get back in ‘the groove’ when you get back from your break.

Again I put it to you that unlike diets, this is a medical protocol which needs to be done correctly in order to effect a cure (curing your obesity). So every time a break is taken or a change made, the protocol changes, and the outcome is therefore possibly different. And you won’t know until you try to keep it off. Oh, you’ll lose weight after an interruption, but losing the weight is easy. *Keeping it off*, that is the trick, isn’t it?