strawberry-lemon-smoothieTired of your strawberries just laying there looking at you? Had enough apples to make Johnny Appleseed sick? Then try this for a great way to get your fruit in Phase 2!

Strawberry Delite

1 large handful of  fresh strawberries, cut off tops
2 packets truvia or purevia, or 1 dropperful (about 10-12 drops) liquid stevia
2 tbsp lemon juice
handful of ice cubes
1 tbsp milk (optional)

Toss in your strawberries and all other ingredients. Turn on Variable 1, turning up quickly to Variable 10 until well blended, about 20 seconds. If you wish to use milk, it makes it creamy, and sort of ‘milkshakey’.

Uses 1 fruit and your milk and lemon for the day (if you use them)