90-secondfitnesscover-240kt012110I’ve been spending a lot of time while my elbow ligaments were healing (got Dr. approval to resume exercise 3 days ago, WHOOHOO!) studying various methods of working out, and getting lots of input from my runner friends, my Crossfitting ripped daughter, my biking friends and my personal trainer friends. Much of it was conflicting, all of it was interesting, and I ended up with a mish-mash of ideas.

What I kept coming back to with all of these was that:

  • a) I can’t spend 3 hours a day going to and from a gym and working out (that is how long for me because the gym is a 20 min drive) – and that makes it too easy to blow it off in favor of working on projects
  • b) I don’t want to spend $150 a month for a trainer or Crossfit membership
  • c) Having joint pain from arthritis means that most group or gym intense approaches are pretty much guaranteed to leave me with swollen painful joints, and the easy stuff isn’t effective
  • d) I want to get into shape, but really, really, REALLY don’t want to make it a religion. I want a fast, effective and EFFICIENT workout regimen that will let me lose fat, gain muscle and not leave me in pain all the time.

I want to feel fit, not have jiggly bits, get rid of the love handles, and be able to not be gasping for air after an activity. But I don’t want to be working out every day for over an hour like my daughter, I *hate* running distances (really, horrible shin splints), live where biking is outright dangerous due to curvy country roads and idiot drivers, and work long days on my home business, and hate dropping a project for hour long workouts.

Sooooo….long story short, I had created a whole idea of what I thought would work for me, pieced together from all my studies.

Then, along comes this trainer (funny how the universe works, isn’t it?), Jeff Kappel is his name, and Jeff and his cousin were teaching a 5-step approach to what I’d been thinking about already, and they covered the bases I’d missed in my studies (since I’m not a trained fitness person, LOL).

I hooked up with him on the phone, and ended up being on with him for nearly 2 hours, as we discussed various techniques and tools, ways to get from couch to fit efficiently, and how it will all fit in during and after the protocol (he was interested in Dr. S’ work because some of his friends were doing it and was really keen to see what they could put together as appropriate levels of exercise on Phase 2 and 3).

Long story short (again), he asked me if I thought that people doing the protocol might find a seminar on this 5-step fitness program helpful, and I said yes (I know I was, and figured there were others out there that would be too!). So he and I are presenting a free webinar on this very thing, this coming Thursday, September 27, at 9PM EST. We’re going to do our best to blend his workout approach with the protocol, and I think it will be a very interesting meeting!

You can sign up for this free webinar here:

It is limited to 100 people, we want to do a Q&A during the webinar, so if you’re interested, go sign up!

I hope to see you guys there! Thanks!