pete cerqua 90-second fitness

This guy is dynamic and really easy to listen to. His methods work! And if you’re seeking more efficient ways to get fit without having to become a gym rat, then this is it!!
Pete Cerqua is one of New York City’s most respected and in-demand fitness trainers. He has been helping people lose weight since the 1980s, and he continues to increase his fan base through the four gyms he owns and runs in the New York City area.Pete is a frequent guest speaker on topics of health and fitness and has appeared in numerous media outlets such as CBS News with Kate Sullivan and Maurice DuBois, NC Morning News with Scott Fitzgerald, The Frankie Boyer Show, The John Carney Show, and in prominent magazines such as O Magazine, Self, and Health.
I’m talking with Pete about his high-intensity workouts and fitness approach, and how it can be incorporated to create change in *your* life with only 45 minutes a week of working out. This is a unique application of high intensity, short interval exercise, combined with very slow and even stationary routines that push your body to the limit and give you some pretty amazing changes to your body.
I invite you to listen to his approach, and give it a try! You have nothing to lose but your jiggly bits!