Tips for Good Sleep

Tips with Sleep

  1. Be careful about drinking tea too late in the day in order to ensure a good nights sleep. For those that are supersensitive to caffeine, beware that even the decaffeinated tea have a little caffeine in it. Caffeine-free tea does not have caffeine. You need not worry about drinking coffee or caffeinated tea in the morning hours, as the caffeine will clear your system by night time.
  2. You can try one “Simply Sleep” by Tylenol. This has worked with other people with no effect on weight loss.
  3. You can try a natural supplement, possibly melatonin or valerian. They both work great and are safe to use (available at health stores, and places like Trader Joe’s). Valerian can cause swollen ankles, so one should use caution. I personally take 1 melatonin tab and 2 valerian caps every night, and sleep very well now. — Vicky
  4. Try Hyssop – a natural herb that ‘promotes restful sleep.’ Buy it in liquid form, and just take one dropper full.
  5. Visit this website for more homeopathic remedies.
  6. Alpha Calm and Alpha Calm PM are both recommended by Kevin Trudeau. Call 1(800)511-7004 to find out more.
  7. You can use Bach Rescue Remedy Spray to help you fall asleep.

NOTE: Use caution with all medications, it is known that one can overdose on Tylenol and there are many chemicals in Tylenol products.

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