Tips for Traveling


Tips with Traveling

  1. The TSA should allow you to board with the hCG as long as it is accompanied by a letter from a doctor or prescription. If you are traveling overseas, customs probably won’t confiscate the hCG because in many countries it is sold over the counter. On the return trip, you have a letter and/or prescription to show customs (making it legal). Make sure you check with the airline you are flying on and check the policy, as every airline may be different.
  2. You can put the hCG into your checked luggage to prevent problems (use this method if you don’t have a prescription). To keep the hCG at a proper temperature, you can use a small Tupperware container, fill it half way with water, and place the container into the freezer until the water is frozen. The next morning, or the day of your departure, place your hCG bottle into the Tupperware container, seal it, wrap it in plastic wrap (to seal the ice), and put it in a Ziploc (to prevent spills or condensation on your clothing), then place it into your luggage.
  3. Only take the amount of hCG you will need while you are away (i.e. do not return with preloaded shots).
  4. According to Dr. Simeons the hCG mixture can be left at room temperature for as long as 3 days, but must be refrigerated for longer periods of time.
  5. To ensure travel success, call and ask what the regulations are for airlines. Each airline might be different.
  6. You may want to take your pre-filled syringes in a small cooler with ice or a mini-refrigeration unit that you can also use in a hotel/motel room.
  7. You can take some pre-cooked chicken, prepared veggies and bagged salads, apples or other fruits and maybe some pre-mixed vinegar dressings to keep in a cooler so you have the protocol food available to you. By doing this, you won’t have to take a break from the hCG and can continue to lose weight.
  8. For a short weekend, you can do your Friday shot before you leave, and plan a skip day for either Saturday or Sunday. This means you only have to carry one preloaded injection with you.
  9. If you have to eat in a restaurant, prepare your meat and fruit portions ahead of time and take them with you to eat at the restaurant. If this is not possible, you can order a mixed green salad without dressing and add a grilled meat (some restaurants even have salads with oranges or strawberries). Make sure you ask that the meat be cooked free from oil, butter, marinade, etc. You could also order fresh fruit (without sauces or sugar), as many restaurants use fruit in preparation and have many varieties on hand.
  10. To keep everything organized and accessible, pack a small suitcase for your hCG needs: a bathroom scale, food scale, small grill (like George Foreman), cooler for food (if there is not time to go grocery shopping), cooler for hCG, cosmetic bag for needles, etc. If you decide to go this route, be sure a refrigerator is available at the hotel you are staying at and use caution when cooking in a hotel room.
  11. In our own travels, and per our doctor’s recommendation, we carried the hCG amber bottle and dropper (for sublingual) in our purses along with a prescription. The security did not ask for the prescription, but I was prepared. The bottle needs to be clearly marked. The reason our doctor recommended that we put it in our purses is because luggage can get lost and delayed; to ensure safe transport, keep the hCG with you in your carry-on.

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