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    Hi everyone! I'm new on this board.  I'm in the maintenance phase of this diet but I am going to start the drops again tomorrow. I have gained 15 pounds since March 2012 ! Even though I have stuck pretty close to phase 3 foods and have done ok on exercise, I have still had my share of slip ups. My question is that I have problems with digesting my food even with digestive enzymes and there are times that I go over the 2 pounds and then some and stay that way for 2 days or more, or I will go over on one day do a steak day things will be better and then the next day I will be over again. I can't do steak days everyday or every other day or even a few times a week. That's too hard and very impracticle since my workouts are intense. Any ideas on how to maintain without having to do steak days all the time? I have Lupus which causes a lot of intestinal inflammation and boating.

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    Welcome to hcgLoss, Jokamo!I can't really say for sure why you might be gaining, without knowing if you followed the protocol according to Dr. Simeons (many clinics and websites out there change it), and how you did following Phase 3 during the 21 days (not cheating is just as important here as in the weight loss phase).However, if you are gaining after eating, then something you are eating probably isn't working for you. If you are having that much trouble digesting your food, then I would seek out a naturopath or integrative doctor to help you figure out why this is happening. There may be natural solution to help you digest better. You may want to get with a medical professional with either a background in dealing with food sensitivities or a specialist who does so, because food sensitivities can cause a lot of this kind of problem.It is going to be difficult to maintain your losses if you're not digesting and have constant inflammation, sadly. So at this point, I'd seek further solutions on reducing the problems causing the inflammation and digestive difficulties.  You might also look into the Lupus Recovery Diet book on Amazon, it might help with the other problems you're seeing:

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    There are several phases in this diet. During the initial stage, one is required to consume nourishment’s that contain fat for storage since only meat and vegetables will be allowed for the second level. One must be ready to follow all the meal instructions for this method to be effective. The final stage will be for twenty one days where sugar and starches are totally removed from nutrition plan.

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