running out of food options

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    Hi everyone.  There are only 5 foods on the protocal that I like.  I have been living on 1 srv. chicken, 1 srv. beef, 1 apple, 1 orange and 1 srv of lettuce every day.  Today is day 26.  I want to do the 40 day cycle.  The problem is that I have a growing aversion to beef.  I cannot get it down.  The last 3 days have been tough and I'm starting to wonder how I'm gona get thru the next 17 days.  Does anyone know or has anyone tried eating the same protien 2ce in one day?  I know you're not supposed to repeat, but at this point, I feel like I need to in order to keep going.  Any suggestions?  I also don't like hard boiled eggs or cottage cheese.  Any advice would be sooooooo appreciated.

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    You shouldn't have a problem if you want to do chicken twice a day.  I don't recall reading anything that said you can't do the same protein twice in one day….  Where did u see this information?

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    Dr Simeons said not to have the same 2 things in the same day.  You really aren't suppose to have regular beef either.  Especially, conventional meat full of antibiotic and hormones.  These cows are raised to be fat just to make a quicker profit. The only beef allowed in Simeons was European beef.  Find some organic buffalo steaks, it's very good and lean.  Nothing ground either. You can have an assortment of fish.  Crab, shrimp, chilean sea bass, halibut, sole, flounder and other white fish such as cod and scallops should be ok as well.  If you don't typically like fish just throw a lot of Apple Cider Vinegar and garlic on it. It's a great marinade.  You can also have grapefruit and oranges as your fruit.

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    look up hcg recipes…and turn some of ur favorite recipes into hcg friendly ones! i make chilli with turkey tomatoes and onions dont add beans or cheese throw in some melba toast and feast! also experiement with spices so u dont feel like ur eating the same thing everyday! i love making curried chicken, puree some onions and water together pour it over some chicken searing in a pan pour some additional water in the pan with some curry…lots of curry, and let it simmer! sooo good! just get creative!

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    i am getting ready to do round 3 and i am dreading the food too.  i can't stand the thought of the chicken for lunch.  it tastes lousy after being in the refrigerator .  any suggestions on what to pack for lunch?  what i had done was bake chicken and put in on the spinach with apple vinegar.    the thought of that bland chicken is turning my stomach.  also i was hungry last round……  anybody know why?  I had read somewhere that you should up the dosage if that happened.

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    This is my second go round of HCG. I lost 30lbs the first time and have lost 4.3 in my first week this time. I really dislike beef so eat only chicken and prawns for my protein. Sometimes I eat the same thing for three or four days for each meal, I dislike cooking so will cook a lot in one go, divide it up into glass containers then just pull one out when it's time to eat. Eating the same thing for each meal for several days in a row has not restricted my weight loss at all.I fry chicken (pam) then add water put in some "better than bullion" (no MSG or sugars) plus Chef Paul Prudhomme's magic poultry blend spice mix. Let it simmer for a bit, cut up the veg (I like brocollini or rapini) you are using and put it in, continue cooking until veg is just tender. So you end up with chicken and veg in broth, if find it very tasty and satisfying.

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    Hi there,
    I am on the point of carry out round 3 and I am dreading the meals too. I can’t stand the idea of the chicken for lunch. it tastes lousy after staying in the refrigerator. any ideas on what things to pack for lunch time? what I had performed was bake poultry and devote on the spinach with apple vinegar. the very thought of that bland poultry is turning my tummy. I was hungry previous round also…… anybody know why? I had read somewhere that you ought to up the dosage if that happened.

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    In order to do weight loss, running out of food options is not the only way. There are many natural ways available to lose weight and make yourself more healthy and fit. Skipping a meal or staying yup hungry till late does not result in weight loss, rather it makes you unhealthy. You can get more information about it at many sources available online. Proper and appropriate diet is must to live longer and active.

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