Getting Started

We all want to lose that weight. And that takes time and effort, and often is slow and frustrating. There is no magic pill, despite all the claims out there. But there *is* a way to both lose weight and then be able to eat a normal, healthy diet for the rest of your life!

Enter the hCG Protocol. This is not a diet. It is a medical protocol using food as medicine to re-train your hypothalamus (your food and hunger traffic cop) so that it won’t tell you to eat sugar, simple carbs and other foods that will pack on the pounds. Years of poor eating, or just eating the Standard American Diet (SAD is the acronym, funny, isn’t it?) creates insulin resistance and candida overgrowth, which causes you to crave sugar and starches to excess, but be unable to process them, so they get stored as fat.

Recent studies have shown that contrary to 40 years of the medical industry telling us to cut the fat, it isn’t fat that makes you fat. Simple carbohydrates make you fat! What are these evil foods you ask

  • It is things like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is in thousands of foods available in your local store.
  • It is things like white flour, which has had all the nutrients stripped away with chemical processing, and then ‘enriched’ to add back the very nutrients that they took in the first place!
  • It is MSG, a food additive that enhances the flavors of food, causing you to overeat them.
  • It is soybean oil, also present in thousands of foods, causing your thyroid function to be depressed and causing your body to store the food you eat as fat.
  • It is ever increasing portion sizes, making it difficult to make wise choices
  • It is endless commercials pushing drugs you don’t need, food you shouldn’t eat (watch a pop tart commercial sometime, it will make you sick), and encouraging you to eat, drink and be merry, damn the consequences
  • And it is artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Nutrasweet, which studies have shown to be poisonous, and to actually make you GAIN weight!

The hCG Protocol, created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950’s, is a medical prescription using food and hCG (human chorionic gonadatrophin), a hormone that is produced by pregnant women. This hormone causes the body to use stored fat to feed the mother, supplementing the food she is eating, so that her baby will be born well nourished and healthy, even if the mother doesn’t get sufficient food.

When the prescription or homeopathic version of this hormone is used in small amounts in conjunction with a controlled diet for just 43 days, you (women *and* men) can lose between 20 and 40 pounds. Average losses in 40 days are 20-25 lbs for women, and 30-40 lbs for men. When followed with just another 21 days of eating *lots* of food while limiting sugars and starches to ‘set’ your weight, and then slowly re-balancing by adding back healthy carbohydrates like brown rice, sprouted grains and other healthy carbohydrates, you can, in a very short period, lose the weight, and then go on to a healthy future at a normal weight, eating healthy food! If you have more to lose, you can go through the cycle again, and in this way lose 50, 80, or even 100 lbs or more of weight! And the big thing is:


I’ve been researching and coaching the hCG protocol since 2010, and am myself an hCG diet loser (winner!) since October, 2010. I make no claims as a medical professional; I’m considered and authority on the hCG diet as I have completed the diet 3 times with great results and I have also helped numerous others achieve their weight loss goal. I have coached have even coached vegans and vegetarians to success with the protocol. I have figured out a lot of answers to my own questions about the hCG diet, and gathered that information and tested it. I’ve seen not only how well it works to help people lose weight and keep it it off, but that it is a marvelous journey of self-discovery which “CAN” change your life *FOREVER*.

Check the tabs to learn more about my coaching programs for the hCG Protocol. Then contact me to set up a free Breakthrough Session to explore how *you* can lose the weight, get healthy and live a life that is happy and full of food and life that you love!

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