Mixing for Injections

The standard dose that Dr. Simeons gave all his patients was 125 IU’s of hCG. To get this dosage with the various sizes of bottles, see the calculator under ‘Purchase hCG’ above.

Women will lose on the average, .5 lbs per day over the course of their treatment. Men, the cads, will lose more. ::grin::

Tips on Giving yourself injections

If your doctor or clinic has sent you home with pre-mixed injections of hCG for your weight loss protocol, or you have purchased your own syringes and hCG, these tips will help minimize any potential discomfort while injecting.

Here are a few things to help make it easier:

  • Relax the muscles prior to injection. Just take a deep breath, let it out, let your shoulders down, and do it!
  • Rub an ice cube on the injection site to numb the location prior to injection.
  • Rotate injection sites. I go left, right, top, bottom on my tummy, around my belly button. You can do right-left-right-left into the fat of your upper thighs too. For intramuscular (IM) injections, rotate thigh-deltoid-buttocks-thigh-deltoid-buttocks.
  • Once you’ve loaded your syringe, roll it back and forth *gently* in your hands for a minute to warm the solution
  • Allow the alcohol on your skin to air dry prior to injection.
  • If you’re injecting subcutaneously (sub-q), make sure you get insulin needles at *least* 28 gauge. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the needles. 31 gauge needles are hair-fine and you can hardly feel them. I use 28 guage needles, and they only prick a little, like a skeeter bite, when I inject.
  • If are near your goal weight and don’t have much fat left, you can pinch your skin and pull it out gently.

Helpful Measurements and Tips

  • 1 ml = 1 cc
  • i.u. = international units
  • hCG can be at room temperature for several hours, but should be refrigerated after that

Note: Different Doctor’s follow different injections protocols for the hCG Diet- the following are general instructions- always follow your Doctor’s orders.

Steps to Inject for SubQ injections:

  1. Clean the area with an alcohol swab in a circular motion, from center out to about a 2-inch width.
  2. Poke the needle firmly into the middle of the cleaned injection area, going straight in.
  3. Inject the medication quickly or slowly- whichever is more comfortable for you.
  4. It is not abnormal to see a small amount of bleeding at the injection site. Direct pressure will stop the bleeding and prevent bruising of the skin. Slight swelling, redness, burning, or itching is not uncommon and should subside shortly.
  5. Repeated injections into the same site can cause abscesses. Use your upper arms (deltoid muscle), front of thigh (quadriceps muscle), and upper, outer corner of buttocks for IM injections. It is important to not inject into the center of the buttock as one could easily hit or damage the sciatic nerve. A good suggestion is to rotate your injections as follows: right quad (leg), left quad, right arm, left arm, right and then left gluteus (buttock). For sub-q injections, you can use the upper thigh and stomach, and rotate around your belly button (at least 2 inches out) and your upper thighs, where the fat is thickest.When I injected sub-q first I would swab the area to be injected, then I pinch up a wad of fat on my tummy, right or left of my belly button. Then I place the needle straight on, and push it smoothly in. Then I push the plunger slowly and withdraw the needle. Finally I re-cap the needle and toss it into my sharps box.

    Determining dosage strength

    This is important!! 125 IU either once daily for injections or twice daily for sublingual is the amount to take! **More is not better and will not make you lose more weight.** You will NOT lose more weight if you take more hCG. The only purpose of hCG is to keep you comfortable and happy while you do your 500 calorie diet by mobilizing your fat stores to feed you, so the only way to lose as much as your body is able is to stick *strictly* to the very low calorie diet. You might become immune to the HCG near the end of your treatment if the dosage is too high. You should read what Dr. Simeons has to say about it on page 7 of his manuscript.Syringes and mixing supplies

    Once you decide whether you’re going to do a 23 or 43-day round, get your supplies. You can find them at:

    You will need sealed sterile glass vials, sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water (see tabs above for more info and resources), mixing syringes and needles and injecting needles and syringes.

    Use a GLASS vial to store your mixed hCG in. You cannot use a plastic bottle (like the bacteriostatic water bottle), it will not keep the hCG fresh. However, a colored glass bottle will block light and help keep it fresh longer. Scroll down to see some mixing guides….

    You need to decide whether you will be injecting SQ (Subcutaneous-into the body fat) or IM (Intra-Muscular-into a muscle). The two methods require different lengths of needles. Weight loss results seem to be about the same with either of these methods.

    Length of needle for IM injections

    It is generally accepted that a 1″ needle is needed for most IM injections. That is long enough to reach deep in the muscle for better absorption of the HCG. The recommended injection method is IM (intramuscular), from Pounds & Inches. It is possible you may need a 1.5 inch needle, if the amount of fat you have in the injection site is substantial. I use a 1/2 inch insulin needle, and inject into my deltoid muscle (the pad of muscle on the arm just below the shoulder on the outside).

    A 1.5 ” needle for the arm or leg is quite long unless you have a fair amount of fat in those areas. Something easy to do to check: pinch the fat on the front of leg and arm (not the back of the arm, the side of the arm, deltoid muscle) to see how much you have. If you can easily feel muscle then use a .5 or 1″ needle, if you can pinch an inch or more of tissue and cannot feel muscle then the longer needle is ok. Also, you don’t have to insert the needle all the way to the end of the needle. A 1/2″ needle is too short for an IM injection unless like me you can get to the muscle on the deltoid.

    Diluting the hCG to create your mix

    HCG comes in powder form. The powder is concentrated and there is usually 1cc of liquid shipped with the hcg that is intended to be the mixing solution to use to create an injectable liquid. YOU SHOULD USE THE SAME KIND OF LIQUID TO MIX YOUR HCG, THIS WILL PRESERVE ITS POTENCY. You can get supplies of these diluents from the links above or from Michele in the green square below.The amount of bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride you will use to mix with the hcg is determined by the strength of the dose you plan to take (this should always be 125IU). You’ll want to mix so you have an easy to measure amount to inject each morning. I recommend .5ml/cc (which is 50 on a 1cc insulin syringe)

    Because you will be injecting this into your body, you need to mix your hCG in a very sterile environment. You should first set out all your mixing materials on a clean dry surface. (HCG, vials, mixing syringes and needles, bacteriostatic water and alcohol prep wipes). Then wash your hands. Dry with a CLEAN towel or paper towel.

    Important Tip: Sometimes glass ampoules (this is why I recommend buying Corian, they come in a rubber-topped bottle) are a little tricky to open. To open, cleanse the top with alcohol, use the wrapper the alcohol wipe comes in to cover the top of the ampoule (i.e. put the open wrapper over the ampoule top) and snap quickly away from you. You can also use the alcohol wipe itself to avoid potentially cutting yourself with the glass. Some vials have small dots where you should place your thumb. If your does not have a dot, press away from you on the ampoule firmly. If it does not seem to want to snap off fairly easily, rotate the ampoule and try pushing on another spot. Do NOT grip the lower portion of the ampoule so tightly that you crush the ampoule!

    Suggestion: You can practice opening ampoules with the extra bottle of mixing liquid that comes with your hCG. This will let you get the ‘feel’ of doing this, it can be a bit tricky. You have to use care not to let any glass fragments fall into the HCG. Hold it at an angle so gravity will not allow any glass to fall into the ampoule.

    SUGGESTION: If you get ampoules, they are fairly long, over an inch. Make sure your mixing syringe needle is long, at least 1.5 inches. That will let you get to the bottom and not miss any mixture. If you still cannot reach the bottom, *carefully* tilt the ampoule and withdraw the rest. Since there is a vacuum in the ampoule, you can turn it upside down to pull out the mixture. This seems like it wouldn’t work, but it does. NEVER inject air into an ampoule. The inserted air breaks the vacuum and all the liquid will come out very fast. Secondly, just put the point of the needle in far enough to be in the liquid. Then draw back VERY SLOWLY. At the end, you may need to tilt the ampoule to get the very last drops.

    Basic Mixing procedure

    • Swab the top of the vial or ampoule and the mixing bottle with an alcohol swab.
    • Using a 30cc syringe (or the size you need for your ampoule/vial) – draw out the needed amount of Bacterostatic water.
    • Inject 1cc of diluent into the hCG ampoule or vial. Inject the liquid slowly (aim toward the side of the ampoule). Forceful injection straight down into the powder can cause bubbles or foam, which will destroy the hCG molecule. DO NOT let the needle touch anything, even the HCG ampoule. If it does, replace the needle before the next step.
    • Inject the remaining required amount of diluent into the new Glass vial.
    • Swish the liquid very gently in the HCG ampoule until it is all dissolved (never shake it). Rolling it gently between your palms works nicely.
    • Draw out the 1cc of liquid hCG.
    • Swab the Glass vial again and inject the HCG into the sterile Glass vial containing the Bac-water or sodium chloride.

    Daily injections:

    Many believe that your HCG should be at room temperature when you inject it, that it stings more when it is cold. I have not found this to be the case. Dr. Gedde, a biochemist MD who studied the action of the hCG molecule in various situations, recommends *NOT* doing this, as this will put the hCG in danger of losing potency. I personally have not had a problem with stinging, and I don’t wait, I get the hCG back in the fridge as quick as I can.

    Of course, always remember to swab the top of the rubber on the vial each time you draw out the mix for your daily injections. Do not touch the needle.

    • Swab the top of the GLASS vial containing your HCG with a rubbing alcohol swab.
    • Draw out the HCG.
    • Replace the needle (Not necessary with the insulin syringes for sub-q)
    • Swab your skin with a rubbing alcohol swab. Let it dry slightly. This helps it to sting less, also.
    • Give yourself the injection.

    Discard the syringe and needles in a hard plastic container, such as a Tide bottle. Secure the top with the original cap and then place them into the trash. To provide extra security, seal with duct tape. You can also get a needle disposal container (called a SHARPS DISPOSAL CONTAINER) at your local drug store or from an on-line supply medical supply site, often for free. This insures that no one will be exposed to needle sticks.